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Car wash vending towels - Large variety available - Wholesale cases

Towels are one of the best sellers at car wash locations! From car wash vending sachets to car detail towels both reusable and disposable, Prowash has you covered with a wide variety and great pricing. We stock towels for all your car wash needs!

Quick Dry Glass Cleaner with Towel
Price: $205.00
In Stock
Code: VP184
The Original Shammy Sham-Wow Towel (100)
Price: $205.00
Out of Stock
Code: VPSHAM100
Thirsty Blue Towel (200)
Price: $49.00
In Stock
Code: VPNA3050B
Wet Towel Sachet (200)
Price: $75.00
In Stock
Code: VP30001
Microfibre Towel Individually Wrapped
Price: $100.00
In Stock
Code: VPMF100