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15 March 2018

We have all been waiting for the much anticipated release of the CT400 from Following the statement release from Quest (below - 28th February), Prowash is pleased to announce a staged rollout will be underway and next week marks the installation of the first 100 CT400 units in sites local to Prowash. Following next week another 400 are on their way to commence our slow rollout. Once the first 500 units are installed then Prowash we’ll be getting regular shipments for the remaining rollout and subsequent general sales.

Please note we are slowly ringing customers to obtain business information to commence the banking document process. For those yet to complete and return these documents please do so as soon as possible. When you receive an email from NAB headed "Your Merchant Facility Details" please forward this to creditcard@prowash.com.au as we require these details to activate your devices before dispatch to you.

28 February 2018
CT400 update from Quest:

"We are moving forward at a significant pace with CT400 units manufactured and undergoing Quality Assurance testing ahead of shipping. Since the inception of the CT400 for the car wash industry, we’ve added significant user enhancements to provide new functionality and configurability. These enhancements have been made as the result of valuable feedback from our Prowash field pilot which has been operating since mid-December. While this has resulted in a slight delay in the availability of the CT400, we believe that quality and reliability for Prowash customers has to be our highest priority. Quest has always been proud of the quality and flexibility of our solutions, and we firmly believe the CT400 will be a game-changer for the car wash industry. We appreciate the patience and support that Prowash and its customers have continued to provide us while we prepare for the arrival of Australia’s first purpose built car wash payment solution".

Please note – Prowash is a proud Quest CT400 distributor and is not affliated with any other contactless payment system.